Who's behind the name ISADY ?

LAHOLI is a family business set in the South of France. It includes different activites amongst which the brand ISADY, specialised in selling jewelry on the internet. We have recruited jewelery specialists to answer your questions and guide you through your choices but also the best designers and manufacturers in the whole world. They are creating and designing exceptionnal pieces of jewelry. Together they push ISADY to look always further ahead. they use material such as silver, gold plating, stainless steel, fantasy and other materials said to be « technological » (Tungstène, Palladium, ...). Their limits are not limits. Their imagination is endless. Their goal? Designing for you an always growing selection, always renewed so that you can become fashion showers, just like us!


5 rue du Moulinas
66330 Cabestany Cedex



You, it's us !

Indeed, we are exactly like you: some « normal » people who like to treat themselves for a low cost. When we select our jewelry, we do it like if the pieces were to be our own.

At www.isady.com, we do know your questions and the doubts you might feel because we feel the same. "Buying on the internet, ok it's nice and handy but won't I get fooled?". Bad experiences on the internet are not new. That is why, at Isady, we play cards on the table et we do not keep any secrets from you: material and jewelry quality, real dimensions, image conformity, detailed descriptions... Add to all of this easy browsing systems, tracked deliveries and safe payments options. Add again personnalized live advice thanks to our live tchat bubble and you'll get a motivated team, insuring that your buying experience will go smoothly.


It's with this idea of reassuring you by answering all questions and doubts that we have gathered a dedicated and highly motivated team. From our photographers, we expect pictures always more precise and numerous to show you the various designs under different angles. Our specialists are carrefully studying each piece one by one to write down a detailed and individual description will all the caracteristics. Our partners (logistic, transport, payment) are selected with a lot of care in order to match optimal and adapted conditions. Finally, if you still have questions, you can always contact our sales people. They can answer you live with the tchat or by regular email.


Our products, our collections

To buy something on the internet is very handy. Aside from the fact that you can stay home, that you do not need to park nor to line up in a shop, you will find on our internet shop, perfectly organised rayons. Searching for a specific product has never been so easy. In one internet rayon, you can view a wide array of products.

For instance, on www.bijoux-isady.com website, you can find over more than 1000 jewelry designs. Thanks to an evoluated browsing system, they are classified by type, style, color, theme, size, shape etc... If, despite our numerous categories, you still do not find what you're looking for, you can always try our dynamic search engine. It will "whisper" ideas to you as soon as you start typing a word... We are certain you will always find your graal !


Are you ready? So start browsing our internet website. We wish you a nice visit.