Ring Sizer

Determine your or her ring size

You can start by just asking her. If she doesn’t know, continue reading and find out how to get it by yourself.

Keeping the ring a secret? Then you’ll have to get crafty. Secretly "borrow" one of her rings (making sure it’s one that fits the intended finger) and compare it to the size chart, or you can have a jeweller size it.

Slip it back before she notices.

If you can’t sneak her ring away, try this: slip it on your own finger, as far down as it will comfortably go, and mark the line with a pen. A jeweller can then use that mark to measure and determine her ring size.

When in doubt, err on the slightly bigger side. It’s easier to have a ring sized down than up.

Caution: it is important to compare rings for same finger and same hands on methods 2 & 3.

General Tips:

  • Measure you finger in warm temperatures at the end of the day.
  • When considering a wide band, move up a size from your measurement, for comforts sake. Your ring size will be about half a size larger on your primary hand (the hand you write with).
  • Different countries have different ring-size systems. Our system is based on an increase of 1.25mm for each size increase

Note: For accurate ring-size results, you must make sure that you do not select the option to fit to page or to shrink to page.

Method 1: the string or the ribbon

  • Measure your finger and compare to the scale.
  • Find a piece of non-stretchy string about 6 inches long, or a strip of paper about 6 inches.
  • Wrap it snugly around the base of your finger.
  • Lay the string or paper against a ruler and measure the length in millimetres.
  • Compare the length of the string or paper to the list below to determine your ring size. If you are between sizes, order the larger size.

Tableau de correspondance des tailles bagues

Method 2: the printable ring-sizer


  • Print the following ring-sizer and make sure the printer is set on 100% scale printing.
  • Put your ring on the circle approaching the most the outside of your ring.
    • If you cannot see the ring-sizer anymore, you need to look for a smaller ring.
    • If the ring-sizer is smaller than your ring, you need to look for a bigger ring.
    • If the ring-sizer corresponds exactly to your ring, you have found the right size !


  • The circle from the ring-sizer must still show.
  • If you hesitate between two sizes, do not hesitate taking a larger size because fingers get bigger at the end of the day or when it is warm.

Baguier à imprimer

Professionnal methods

Your street jeweler has all you need to know your ring size or the size of the person's finger to whom you want to gift a ring (you need to have "borrowed" a ring from this person before).

The ring sizer

A ring sizer is a group of circles of various sizes. It is the most precise tool to find your exact ring size. Try the circles on as if they were rings. When you find the one that fits the best, just read the size on it.


The "triboulet"

This weirdly named tool helps measuring the size of a ring and not of a finger. Here, you need to have the ring. You will then find the size. Pass the ring on top of the cone and let it slide all the way down the triboulet. When the ring is blocked and cannot go more down, just read the size where the ring is blocked. You will then know the size of this specific ring.


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