Taking care of your jewelry

All pieces of jewelry, whether they are luxury or fantasy, do feel the effect of time and use. Luckily there are some good tips to keep your jewelry pretty, solid and shiny during some long years. To increase your jewelry life length, our first advice is to avoid wearing it while doing the dishes, the housework or other small tasks with friction or water.


There are lots of jewelry cleaners. This products are specialised in the care of certain metallic material. They are very efficient because they are very strong. Use them but not too much !


Nobody else can do it better

It is so easy to make your own jewelry cleaner with a little bit of water, dish soap and a little quantity of Bleach. Of course, with such a product, you must rince your jewelry in abundance. Caution though: your jewelry will not appreciate taking a long bath. It is better not to let your jewelry in the liquid too long and to make sure you dry it EVERYWHERE after you take it out.


Despite what you can read or hear, toothpaste is not an ideal jewelry cleaner. Indeed, it does not take the grease away. Atop, it is very hard to rince when it goes into the small holes.


Get the right move

Soap is the biggest enemy of all pieces of jewelry. It is so fluid that it makes its way to the smallest holes of your jewelry. Even if you rince it good, you will rarely get it all out. Remove all jewelry when you need to wash your hands or get ready to spend long minutes in front of the sink rinsing them !

Despite all your good will, the beach, the pool or the sport will never do well with jewelry wear. It is also not advised to do the garden, the dishes or any other household task with your jewelry on. Avoid chocs as much as possible !

Another unnatural source of use: rubbing. Avoid sliding up and down the pendants on their chain. Avoid wearing jewelry pieces one against the other (ex: many rings on the same finger).

And then comes summer. Oh yes summer ! Summer and its sun. Whether you like staying in the sun or doing UV sessions, your jewelry will not enjoy being exposed to the sun. Indeed, stones have a tendancy to lose their shine after being exposed to the heat (natural or not) for a long time.


Tidying up

What gets rubbed gets scratched ! Jewelry tends to get scratched in contact with another piece of jewelry. We advise you to separate them. Put them in individual boxes.

Each piece of jewelry needs to have its own place in a jewelry box, a velvet pouch or a separate box in your jewelry box. Lay flat your chains, necklaces and soft bracelets. It is better to close them and to wrap them. When you travel, use silk paper or a soft paper such as tissues to protect them.

A safety habit

Despite all your efforts, your jewelry risk to be agressed from the outside. It would be very sad to lose your favorite piece of jewelry because you just did not pay attention. Before wearing your favorite piece of jewelry, shake it slightly at your ear level. If you hear a light sound or a clicking, it will mean that some stones are lose or that the clasp is not closing properly !

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